Seabird Technologies
Accelerating Marine Decarbonisation


Graphic & Digital Design


Electric boating company Seabird Technologies aims to accelerate the decarbonization of the marine industry with clean energy and innovative tech solutions. Our collaboration intended to encapsulate Seabird’s visionary goals into a comprehensive visual identity, reflecting the brand’s dedication to ocean preservation and pioneering sustainable marine solutions. 

Technical details

Visual Identity, Digital & Creative Tech
3D Renderings
Sound Design
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Together with musical artist Bendik HK, we have developed an ambient sonic landscape for Seabird. Our aim was to create a brand that would play on emotions and sensory experiences, and find elements that could unify the wide range of possibilities for the brand experience. The soundscape is inspired by the concept of accelerating under water, then slowly moving upwards and flying above it.

Balancing tech and humanity

The new brand identity is a strategic conduit that aligns Seabird’s trajectory with its core values. Embracing oceanic aesthetics interwoven with technological innovation and sustainability, the identity serves as a symbolic representation of the brand’s unwavering dedication to a cleaner, greener future. Each brand element intertwines seamlessly with the others to form a cohesive narrative.

The symbol takes the company name literally, yet in a sophisticated way.

With a custom wordmark, the logo continuously backs up the concept with its nods to flying and airwaves through floating shapes.


The logo encapsulates the brand’s essence through a minimalist design, capturing the movement and grace of a seabird in flight. The smooth lines evoke a sense of fluidity and elegance, mirroring the motion of electric boats on water, symbolizing the harmony between nature and technology.


GT America Expanded Light and Mono Light, constitutes a balanced blend of modernity and clarity. The Expanded Light variant provides an open and inviting feel, lending a touch of contemporary elegance to the identity. Meanwhile, the Mono Light weight is clean and structured, aligning with a commitment to precision and technological advancement. 

Color Palette

A carefully curated color palette harmoniously bridges technology and the environment, evoking a sense of tranquility. It draws inspiration from nature and the seascape, incorporating shades of ocean blue, serene white, and earthy tones. 

Together with creative 3D studio Subdivision, we have created early previews and sneak peaks of the coming boats Seabird are creating. 

Visual Texture and Tactility

Captivating renders, imagery and illustrations bridge the gap between innovation and eco-consciousness. The renders intricately showcase the brand’s electric boats, emphasizing their cutting-edge design. Dynamic animations and a custom-made sonic landscape, breathe life into the brand, showcasing the boats’ fluid movement and technological sophistication while fostering engagement and visual storytelling.

The emphasis on visual texture and tactility reflects Seabird’s dedication to merging technological innovation with a human touch, creating an immersive and engaging experience for its users.

Take wing

With a brand identity firmly grounded in Seabird’s ethos and founder’s vision, the brand’s renewed image becomes a catalyst, propelling Seabird’s mission to the forefront of the maritime industry. More than a mere aesthetic change, this transformation signifies Seabird’s enduring commitment, inviting all to embrace a future where innovation and ecological stewardship converge harmoniously.

To back up the imagery of the boat, we've created a 3D univers that visualises the concept as a combination of both something floating and something flying.