Empowering a More Sustainable Future


Graphic & Digital


Modulize is a software company challenging the construction industry to build more sustainably. They are developing an intuitive, web-based, and data-driven platform for optimized offsite manufacturing design, planning, procurement, and delivery.

To translate this process of reciprocality and collaboration between architects, manufacturers, and the industry, we created a dynamic identity to represent the synergies that arise when distinct elements nourish and balance each other.

Technical details

Visual Identity, Digital & Creative Tech

To take the visual concept of the logo further, we created a modular grid system for drawing illustrations and symbols. These are limited to the 45 degree angels and hard cut shapes of the logo and makes for a distinctive and playful system that works both on a communicative and functional level.

The Modulize brand is primarily a digital one, and with a flexible colour palette that bridges Modulize’s technological POV with the three sectors they target we ensure that it’s recognizable and user-friendly across both digital and analogue surfaces. The typography adds contrast and rhythm with a combination of Diatype and Diatype Semi-Mono.

The icon set makes for a distinctive and playful system that works both on a communicative and functional level, as it can both be used as larger illustrations or as navigation in the digital products.

The icon set is build from a grid system based on the 45 degree angles in the logo symbol. When designing from a set grid, it creates limitations that make for a more distinctive and communicative style to the icons.