Snøhetta: Relations
Exhibition at aut architecture gallery in Innsbruck


Interior Architecture


The exhibition “Snøhetta: Relations” at the architecture gallery aut. architektur und tirol in Innsbruck, Austria, offered the unique opportunity to experience details of Snøhetta’s work, as seen through the projects’ respective contexts, whether natural, historical or socio-political.

Given Snøhetta’s role as an integrated architecture and landscape architecture practice, the relationship between architecture and landscape was a central theme of the exhibition. As one of highlights of the exhibition, visitors were able delve into several never-before exhibited objects resulting from exciting artist collaborations.

Technical details

Installation & Commissions
Innsbruck, Austria
Exhibition venue

aut. architektur und tirol

The exhibition explored the relations between people and Snøhetta’s work, examining the interdisciplinary nature of the practice. A custom-built wooden landscape shaped the visitors path as they move through the exhibition.
Photos by Guenter Richard Wett

Visitors could explore the simultaneously static and dynamic relationship between landscape and architecture, and how architecture is placed within the landscape.