The Orchard
Cultural landscape and public park


Landscape Architecture


For the orchard planted on the premises next to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds, Snøhetta has weaved a traditional landscape in with the typology of a public park. Orchards are a valuable element of the traditional rural cultural landscape, and they are of great ecological value as well.

The idea to create a new and publicly accessible example of this endangered landscape element was born in the context of the Vision Wattens. In this project, commissioned by Swarovski and the municipality of Wattens, Snøhetta outlined development ideas for the community in order to initiate a process of discussion about the "Wattens of the Future".

Technical details

Park & Garden, Public Space
Wattens, Austria


3,5 ha

Top image by Patrick Lüth, other photos by Thomas Steinlechner

Design informed by traditional fruit cultivation

The design of the 3.5-hectare orchard is based on the principles of traditional fruit cultivation: Fruit trees planted in a grid, with the hilly topography forming a contrast to the rigid geometry. An avenue planted with cherry trees crosses the orchard.

A total of 231 individual fruit trees of various sizes and ages were planted, and there are 140 different varieties. Berry bushes and an edible hedge complete the variety of woody plants. In addition, a species-rich flowering meadow will develop over the next few years. With the orchard, a public park as well as a gene pool for old, forgotten fruit varieties has been created.