Zumtobel Light Center Vienna
Interplay of light and shadow




In 2015, the Zumtobel Group commissioned Snøhetta to design a Light Center, in addition to office spaces, in the IZD Tower in Vienna.

Covering over 1,000 square meters, the design includes a two-storey entrance area, a multi-functional space, a showroom, as well as open offices. The functions are all arranged in zones of a large open plan to maximise social interaction, facilitate collaboration and conversation, and create space for exhibitions.

Technical details

Workspace, Retail, Installation & Commissions
Vienna, Austria

Zumtobel Group

1 000 m2

Photos by Nikolay Kazakov

Photo: Zumtobel

The grand foyer and staircase are open to the public and can be used by anyone entering the IZT Tower. This area invites visitors into the Light Center. With the focus on light as the main design element in this space, the walls transform from flat to folded, while white surfaces create an interplay of light and shadow. By playing with different moods, colours, and intensities of light, encouraged by the geometry of the walls, the visitor is drawn into the Light Center as soon as they enter.

The design enables a sensory experience that immediately immerses the visitor in the beauty and possibilities of light. In this way, the Light Center is a physical manifestation of Zumtobel’s vision of how light can be used to create new and interesting forms of expression.