Graphic & Digital Design

We are designers. Graphic design and creative technology are our tools. The result lives analogue and digitally, on screens and paper, on walls and objects.

Graphic & Digital

In 2010, graphic and digital design was introduced to enhance Snøhetta's services. These disciplines ensure a holistic result for any brand, space, or building — making sure concepts and services live beyond the physical space and inhabit the minds of people.

Working in an environment where the real three-dimensional world defines our creative framework informs our way of working with graphics and creative technology. And vice versa. Our digital mindset brings a fresh perspective to architectural projects.

Whether the output is analog or digital, design is intrinsically technological. By being curious and open, explorative and reflective, our search for new and creative technologies takes us out of our comfort zone and forces us to see the world differently. From creating generative soundscapes that embody the emotional and sensory qualities of brands and buildings, to designing wayfinding based on the societal impact of the letterpress, we leave no stone unturned in our search for innovative ways of working.

We seek to create impactful design by cultivating contradictions and surprises – finding dynamic possibilities in the physical and infusing material qualities into the digital realm.

Photo: Antoine Mercusot

We deliver design services from strategy to implementation. Our core competence is impactful storytelling through skilled craftsmanship. We communicate your story through design.

  • Concept Development
  • Strategy & Narrative
  • Naming & Hierarchy
  • Visual Identity

When the core story and the toolbox are in place, we bring it all to life in the format with greatest potential for impact.

  • Brand Activation
  • Packaging Design
  • Wayfinding & Signage
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Exhibition Design
  • Experience Design & Installations
  • Book & Print Design
  • Webpages
  • Digital Services

In Snøhetta we embrace design as a framework. Whereas others consider the launch of a project to be a moment of closure, we see it as a point of departure. This is where our hopeful ambitions for the project give way to new, evolving, and often surprising narratives and patterns of use.

  • Design Manuals
  • Communication & PR
  • Social Media