Strategic creativity

We are creative thinkers, visual artists, and storytellers. We integrate various media to connect people with each other, spaces, organizations, and brands. We transform profound insights into meaningful, visually striking experiences with strategic relevance and lasting impact.

Driving change

Through strategic design, we connect business goals with people. By employing creativity and technology, we ensure a holistic result for any brand, space, or building, allowing concepts and services to transcend the physical space — and inhabit minds and hearts. 

Our studio environment and multidisciplinary approach shape our creative processes and design ethos. We cultivate conceptual thinking, contradiction, and surprise. Our designs are driven by strong narratives, where contextual sensitivity is key. We have no fixed style. Guided by the belief that design knows no bounds, we explore dynamic possibilities and layers of understanding across various media to craft holistic experiences that resonate deeply with people. Through a mix of techniques, materials, and expressions, we adapt each project to its context and audience. Always with attention to detail.

Fluidly bridging strategy and execution, we create solutions that not only look good but also drive change and generate results.

Creativity and design are tools to connect, interact, and engage. By being curious and open, our search for new ways of working compels us to see the world differently. It drives us to discover new truths and create impact.

Photo: Antoine Mercusot

We deliver creative services from strategy to design implementation. Our core competence is impactful storytelling through skilled craftsmanship.

  • Strategy & Narrative
  • Concept Development
  • Naming & Brand Architecture
  • Visual Identity

When the core story and the toolbox are in place, we bring it all to life in the format with the greatest potential for impact.

  • Brand Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Wayfinding & Signage
  • Environmental Graphics
  • Exhibition Design
  • Experience Design & Installations
  • Book & Print Design
  • Web Design
  • Digital Services

In Snøhetta we embrace design as a framework. Whereas others consider the launch of a project to be a moment of closure, we see it as a point of departure. This is where our hopeful ambitions for the project give way to new, evolving, and often surprising narratives and patterns of use.

  • Design Manuals
  • Communication & PR
  • Social Media