Mission Neighbourhood
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Mission Neighbourhood presents the eighth Oslo Architecture Triennale festival, centred around the theme of neighbourhoods. Written by Christian Pagh and Thomas Cook of the Oslo Architecture Triennale, along with contributions from 30 esteemed experts worldwide, the book aims to offer insights into the creation of sustainable, diverse, and meaningful neighbourhoods. Through ambitious projects, diverse perspectives, and practical advice, it seeks to inspire action and foster a deeper understanding of neighbourhood development.

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Anne Valeur


Christian Pagh

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The Danish Architectural Press

Photo: Anne Valeur

Content Guided Design

The book spans 456 pages, featuring chapters divided into editor essays and contributor texts, varying in length and scope. This diversity in content guided the design approach, shaping the layout system and textual hierarchy. The layout is editorial and systematic, reflecting the gravity of the content while providing a cohesive framework for the contributor texts to integrate into. In contrast to the structured text layout, a more relaxed image layout was adopted, allowing for intuitive and unrestricted placement and sizing.

Photo: Anne Valeur

Pedagogical Navigation

A crucial consideration was ensuring that the design seamlessly integrates with the visual identity of the Oslo Architecture Triennale while also introducing fresh elements. This includes an expanded colour palette and new typography, fostering creative exploration and enhancing expressive flexibility. The book follows a pedagogically structured format, organised into six chapters, each associated with a distinct colour and shape, offering visual cues for navigation and readability even when closed. Abstract shapes, inspired by the urban landscape, invite interpretation, adding depth to the visual experience.

Photo: Anne Valeur

Strategic Design Choices

The book was designed to be both affordable and convenient to carry. We opted for a format spacious enough to accommodate ample text on each page, yet easy to handle. In order to balance the volume of pages, we selected paper with low grammage. Additionally, to enrich the tactile experience of the cover image, we opted for a textured cover paper.

Photo: Anne Valeur

Photo: Anne Valeur