Holzweiler x Ali Gallefoss
A retail space inspired by coastal conditions


Interior Architecture


In collaboration with artist Ali Gallefoss, Snøhetta has designed the first Holzweiler mono-brand store outside of Oslo. The family owned business and fashion brand’s fourth retail space is located in the city of Bergen, and is the result of a longer partnership between Snøhetta and Holzweiler.

Located in the Art Deco inspired Kroepeling building from the 1930’s on Strandgaten 18 in Bergen, the interior design aim to create a new interface with an organic spatial expression influenced by the landscape of the Norwegian west coast and its coastal conditions.

Technical details

Bergen, Norway



Ali Gallefoss

Edges peel away from the walls to create movement, orchestrating a dynamic flow that undulates throughout the Holzweiler environment. Hanging arrays of clothing garments, suspended on solid oak milled rails evoke associations to traditional handrails and craftsmanship. Clothing rods intricately weave through an eclectic array of artworks by the Bergen-born artist Ali Gallefoss, seamlessly blurring the boundaries between art and functional displays for merchandise. Each piece bears the distinctive imprint of the artist's imagination, marked by a spirit of curiosity and a daring exploration of materials and scale. Through collaboration with Gallefoss, the Holzweiler space radiates a playful ambiance, akin to an art gallery, skilfully challenging the conventional boundaries of the retail experience.

A significant characteristic of the space was fashioned by the discovery and restoration of the 1930’s herringbone floor made from wooden teak planks of the period. Together with soft warm toned walls, treated with a natural mineral lime-based plaster, the wooden elements add depth and a timeless expression to the space.

Photo: All photos by Magnus Nordstrand