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With our new website we've taken a look at how everything digital also has a carbon footprint – and what we can do to reduce it.

Esbjerg Maritime Center

Designed by Snøhetta and WERK Arkitekter, Esbjerg's new maritime center provides a social hub and architectural landmark for the seaport town on the Danish west coast.

550 Madison Avenue Garden

Snøhetta has repositioned a landmark 1980s tower in New York for a new age while transforming an existing privately-owned public space into a lavishly planted, year-round garden.

Photo: HISM

Flyt paver system

Flyt meets the demand for new and innovative water management solutions in urban environments.

Le Monde Wayfinding

A highly flexible modular wayfinding system that pays tribute to tradition, inspired by the art of newspaper printing.


Europe's first underwater restaurant Under also functions as a research center for marine life, providing a tribute to the wild fauna of the sea and to the rocky coastline of Norway’s southern tip.

Norwegian National Opera and Ballet

Built on piles in the Oslo fjord, the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet has given parts of the city's waterfront space back to the public.